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Senator Donna Soucy Statement on Northern Pass Proposal

Concord – Senator Donna Soucy (D-Manchester) issued the following statement in response to the “Forward New Hampshire Plan” announced by Northern Pass earlier today: “In a changing energy market, supply stability is among our state’s top economic concerns,” said Senator Soucy. “The Northern Pass ‘Forward New Hampshire Plan’ represents a commitment to providing this sought-after stability and diversity by investing in clean, renewable hydroelectricity. Thanks […]

Senator Donna Soucy Applauds Bipartisan Defeat of Repeal NH’s Buffer Zone Law

CONCORD – Senator Donna Soucy of Manchester released the following statement after the Senate voted to table House Bill 403, which would have repealed the bipartisan law enacted last year to ensure safe access to reproductive health care facilities: “I am pleased to see the bipartisan defeat of this unnecessary legislation,” said Senator Soucy. “Our narrowly-tailored law gives protections to patients trying to […]

Senate Democrats Applaud Defeat of House’s So-Called Right to Work Bill

CONCORD – Today, Senate Democratic Leader Jeff Woodburnand Senate Deputy Democratic Leader Donna Soucy applauded the bipartisan defeat of House Bill 658, the so-called “Right to Work Bill”. House Bill 658 was laid on the table by a voice vote. “I am pleased to see the bipartisan defeat of the so-called ‘Right to Work Bill’,” said Senator Woodburn. “There’s a reason why Democrats […]

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Sen. Soucy Comments on SB318 Creating the Crime of Domestic Violence – “Joshua’s Law”

CONCORD – Senator Donna Soucy of Manchester released the following comments at the public hearing of Senate Bill 318 on her prime sponsored bill known as “Joshua’s Law” which criminalizes domestic violence in New Hampshire. “This legislation has been a long time in coming. Our understanding and awareness of domestic violence has evolved considerably over the past 30 […]

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Manchester Senators and House Delegation Chair Applaud Governor Hassan Launching Review of Mental Health Services in Manchester

MANCHESTER – Manchester Senators Lou D’Allesandro and Donna Soucy joined by Manchester House Delegation Chair Patrick Long released the following statement on the recent news of Governor Hassan launching a review of mental health services in Manchester: “We applaud Governor Maggie Hassan for her strong and steady leadership for naming a Sentinel Event Review team led by former […]

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Senate Democrats Condemn Republican Vote to Suppress Voter’s Rights

CONCORD – Senate Democrats issued the following statements condemning the Republican-led Senate as they continue to suppress voters’ rights.    “There is no legitimate reason to restrict the number of IDs allowed, especially if the whole point of the Voter ID law is to show a photo ID to prove you are who you say you are,” said Senator Lasky. […]

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Senator Soucy Comments on the Senate’s Vote to Continue to Cede Control to the Federal Gov’t

CONCORD – Senator Donna Soucy of Manchester released the following comments on the Senate’s 13-11 vote to continue to cede control to the Federal Government when it comes to determining New Hampshire’s state minimum wage. “This bill seeks to restore local control in New Hampshire and allows our Legislature to determine for itself what minimum wage best creates and maintains a […]