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Sen. Larsen Statement on November Revenue Shortfalls

“The release of November’s revenue totals indicates the clear connection between the decisions that Republicans made with this budget and the real-world consequences that those decisions have on our citizens, our communities and our businesses.  The negative impact that additional taxes have had on hospitals – some of our NH’s largest employers – have cost […]

Statement From Sen. Lou D’Allesandro on Today’s Vote on HB 474-FN

“I applaud my colleagues in the NH House who voted to sustain the Governor’s veto.  Today’s rejection of “right-to-work” is a victory for NH workers and NH’s middle class.  This harmful policy depresses wages, eliminates benefits and destroys good jobs.  Plain and simple – “right-to-work” is wrong for NH and today’s vote reaffirms that.  I […]

Statement from Senate Democratic Leader Sylvia Larsen Regarding Today’s Vote by the NH House to Sustain Gov. John Lynch’s Veto of HB 474-FN

“Today New Hampshire workers won a hard fought victory against those that have sought to attack the middle class and working families with the threat of lower wages, less benefits and no job security.  This vote sends a clear message that New Hampshire rejects the anti-worker, anti-union policy of so-called “right-to-work.  Our great state has one of […]

Senators Larsen and D’Allesandro Respond to Passage of Senate Budget

“I find it outrageous that the Senate Republican budget writers chose to put $41.8 million into the state’s rainy day fund by 2013, rather than meet the most serious needs of the people of this state.  We already have one of the strongest AA+ bond ratings in our state with just a $9.3 million rainy […]

Senate Committee Passes Prepaid Fuel Bill

The Senate Commerce Committee this afternoon passed SB 197 regulating guaranteed price plans and prepaid contracts for heating oil, kerosene, and liquefied natural gas.  The Committee recommended an ought to pass motion by a vote of 3-1 on the bill prime sponsored by Senator Molly Kelly.   “This bill is a positive move for both […]

Sen. Sylvia Larsen: Time to Focus on Jobs, Not Social Issues

What’s happened to this new State House leadership’s plan to focus on jobs and the economy? Instead of headlines featuring the Legislature discussing new ways to create jobs and fiscal discipline, these past five weeks have shown these leaders wasting time. Some of the hottest debates are over whether to repeal public kindergarten; eliminate language, […]

Sen. Molly Kelly: Strengthening NH’s Economy by Protecting Education

Education is the foundation of a strong economy. Over the past few years, legislation has been passed that improves New Hampshire’s educational system and prepares our students to compete in the 21st century. As part of our bipartisan reforms, we identified curriculum standards for an adequate education for all New Hampshire students. But as we […]

Senate Republican Retirement System Proposal is Misguided

Thursday, January 27, 2011   Contact: Senator Sylvia Larsen   (603) 271-3207 CONCORD – Senator Democratic Leader Sylvia Larsen (D-Concord) today questioned the proposed changes to the NH Retirement System offered by Senate Republicans under the sponsorship of Sen. Jeb Bradley.   “We need to have a level-headed discussion on how to solve the real issues […]

Gov. Lynch, Franklin City Officials Announce Major Job Creation Project

New $1 Billion PSNH/Hydro-Quebec Project Will Bring Renewable Hydro Power to NH, Create up to 1,200 Construction Jobs in New Hampshire New Converter Station in Franklin Will Generate Jobs, Expand City’s Tax Base FRANKLIN – Gov. John Lynch tonight joined officials from Public Service Company of New Hampshire and the city of Franklin to announce […]

Jim Luther More Concerned About China than New Hampshire

District 12 state Senate candidate out of touch with voters Concord – In an Aug. 31st interview with WSMN 1590 AM and in a stump speech posted on his Facebook page, District 12 GOP state Senate candidate Jim Luther showcases just how out of touch he is with the situation on the ground in New […]