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Sen. D’Allesandro Blasts Fiscally Irresponsible Republican Budget

Concord, N.H. – Ranking Democratic Finance Committee member Senator Lou D’Allesandro released the following statement blasting the Republicans’ fiscally irresponsible and unbalanced budget: “The unbalanced Committee of Conference budget is hardly a budget at all, with gimmicks, double counting, and tax giveaways for out-of-state corporations that aren’t paid for and will blow a $90 million hole in […]

Ranking Democratic Finance Committee Members Respond to Republican Threats to Shut Down Government Unless They Get Their Way

Concord, N.H. – Ranking Democratic Finance Committee members Representative Mary Jane Wallner and Senator Lou D’Allesandro issued the following statement in response to New Hampshire Republicans’ threats to shut down government unless they get their way on the budget: “It’s extremely disappointing that New Hampshire Republicans are sending such a clear signal that they are not willing to compromise […]

Senator Lou D’Allesandro Comments on Failure to Include State Employee Contract in Budget

Concord, NH – As a member of the Senate Finance Committee, Senator Lou D’Allesandro made the following comments today following the completion of the committee’s work on the state operating budget for fiscal years 2016 and 2017: “I’m disappointed that in formulating the Senate budget, one item that was completely left out was the already negotiated pay raise […]

​Senate Democrats Statement on Republicans Choosing Corporate Tax Giveaways Over Medicaid Expansion

Fiscally Irresponsible Tax Giveaways Will Drain $15 million away from key priorities CONCORD – Senate Democratic Leader Jeff Woodburn and Sen. Lou D’Allesandro issued the following statement after the Senate Finance Committee voted along party lines to include fiscally irresponsible business tax giveaways in the state budget: “Our budget is a statement of priorities and with the actions taken by […]

Senate Democrats Denounce Cuts to Substance Abuse Prevention

Senate Finance Republicans Cut Funding for Office of Substance Use Disorders and Behavioral Health CONCORD – Today, Senators Lou D’Allesandro and Andrew Hosmer, Democratic members of the Senate Finance Committee, condemned the cuts to substance abuse prevention made by Senate Republicans in the budget: “We are in the middle of a substance abuse and heroin epidemic and […]

Senator Lou D’Allesandro Praises Governor’s Alternative Plan to Provide Rate Increase to Nursing Homes

Concord – Senator Lou D’Allesandro (D-Manchester) released the following comments after Governor Hassan’s announcement that she has directed the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to restore funds for a rate increase for nursing homes: “The Governor’s announcement is great news for the state and is a wonderful example of what we can accomplish when […]

Senate Democrats Blast House Budget

Democrats Stand Ready to Work Across Party Lines to Pass a Fiscally Responsible Budget that Expands Opportunity for All Concord, NH – Following the passage of the House Budget, Senate Democrats released the following comments: “The budget passed the House passed today is not a budget at all—its just a naked appeal to the Koch Brothers and the extremist […]

Senator Lou D’Allesandro Calls on NCAA to Move Final Four from Indiana

CONCORD — Today, Sen. Lou D’Allesandro, former head college basketball coach at New Hampshire College, now Southern NH University and a member of the NCAA, called on the NCAA to move the Men’s College Basketball Final Four Championship to a location outside of Indiana in light of the newly enacted law that allows businesses to […]

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Manchester Senators and House Delegation Chair Applaud Governor Hassan Launching Review of Mental Health Services in Manchester

MANCHESTER – Manchester Senators Lou D’Allesandro and Donna Soucy joined by Manchester House Delegation Chair Patrick Long released the following statement on the recent news of Governor Hassan launching a review of mental health services in Manchester: “We applaud Governor Maggie Hassan for her strong and steady leadership for naming a Sentinel Event Review team led by former […]

Senators Larsen and D’Allesandro Respond to Passage of Senate Budget

“I find it outrageous that the Senate Republican budget writers chose to put $41.8 million into the state’s rainy day fund by 2013, rather than meet the most serious needs of the people of this state.  We already have one of the strongest AA+ bond ratings in our state with just a $9.3 million rainy […]