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Sen. Larsen Statement on November Revenue Shortfalls

“The release of November’s revenue totals indicates the clear connection between the decisions that Republicans made with this budget and the real-world consequences that those decisions have on our citizens, our communities and our businesses.  The negative impact that additional taxes have had on hospitals – some of our NH’s largest employers – have cost […]

Statement From Sen. Lou D’Allesandro on Today’s Vote on HB 474-FN

“I applaud my colleagues in the NH House who voted to sustain the Governor’s veto.  Today’s rejection of “right-to-work” is a victory for NH workers and NH’s middle class.  This harmful policy depresses wages, eliminates benefits and destroys good jobs.  Plain and simple – “right-to-work” is wrong for NH and today’s vote reaffirms that.  I […]

Statement from Senate Democratic Leader Sylvia Larsen Regarding Today’s Vote by the NH House to Sustain Gov. John Lynch’s Veto of HB 474-FN

“Today New Hampshire workers won a hard fought victory against those that have sought to attack the middle class and working families with the threat of lower wages, less benefits and no job security.  This vote sends a clear message that New Hampshire rejects the anti-worker, anti-union policy of so-called “right-to-work.  Our great state has one of […]

Sen. Molly Kelly Participates in National Seminar on Access to Post-Secondary Education for Low Income Women

State Senator Molly Kelly, a nationally recognized leader on women’s human rights, recently participated in theCenter for Women Policy Studies’ National Seminar for State Legislators on Access to Postsecondary Education for Low Income Women.  The seminar is the first such program in the United States to focus specifically on preparing state legislators as leaders in promoting access to […]

Sen. Larsen: Mass. Should Pay its $4 Million Obligation to NH Flood Control

State Senator Sylvia Larsen (D-Concord) today made formal a written request to Governor Deval Patrick of Massachusetts to pay over $4 million in unpaid obligations to cities and towns in the Merrimack Valley Flood Control Compact.  Massachusetts has not paid any of its obligations into the Compact since 2006.   New Hampshire and Massachusetts entered the Merrimack River Valley Flood Control […]

Senate Democratic Leaders Calls on LGC to Cooperate with Bureau of Securities Regulation; Return Excess Funds to Taxpayers

Senator Democratic Leader Sylvia Larsen and Deputy Leader Lou D’Allesandro today called on the Local Government Center (LGC) to acknowledge the findings of the recent report released by the Bureau of Securities Regulation and to start cooperating immediately with the Bureau.  The Democratic Leaders additionally called for the immediate return of any misused or excess […]

Statement from Senate Democratic Leader Sylvia Larsen Regarding the Committee of Conference Report on HB1 & HB2

“This afternoon Republicans in the House and Senate agreed to a two-year state budget that fails in their election-day promises of job creation and economic growth.  At the same time it fails to meet some of our most basic state responsibilities to our most vulnerable populations, our elderly, disabled citizens, students, and middle class property […]

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Sen. Larsen Replaced on Retirement Panel

Today Senate Democratic Leader Sylvia Larsen stated that she would not support the anti-worker policies set forth in SB 3 and has been subsequently replaced as a Senate conferee on the committee of conference assigned to work on finalizing the legislation targeting the New Hampshire Retirement System (NHRS).   Larsen did support Senate conferees agreement […]

Senators Larsen and D’Allesandro Respond to Passage of Senate Budget

“I find it outrageous that the Senate Republican budget writers chose to put $41.8 million into the state’s rainy day fund by 2013, rather than meet the most serious needs of the people of this state.  We already have one of the strongest AA+ bond ratings in our state with just a $9.3 million rainy […]

Senate Democratic Leadership Statement on House Speaker’s Decision to Close Session to the Public

“Today’s decision by Speaker O’Brien and the House Republican Leadership to clear the House gallery and conduct House session in private and outside of the view and observation of the public offends the very basis of our democracy – the right of every citizen to participate in free and open government.  It is a violation […]