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Legislation Calls for Annual Study of Health Insurance Costs

CONCORD – The state insurance commissioner would be required to study and report back annually on health care costs and trends under legislation presented today to the Senate Commerce, Labor and Consumer Protection Committee today. Senate Bill 392 would require the insurance commissioner to hold public hearings annually to gather information and identify the factors […]

Hospice Care Benefit Signed Into Law

CONCORD – Senators and health care advocates celebrated today as the governor signed legislation that will enable Medicaid patients to get the benefit of hospice care at the end of life. New Hampshire is one of the last states to offer hospice care under Medicaid. “Most Americans wish to die at home. With the support […]

Broadband Bill Signed: Broadband Director to be Hired

HOLDERNESS, N.H. – The goal of bringing faster and better Internet service to all corners of New Hampshire clicked into high speed today with the signing of a bill that will lead to the hiring of a state director of broadband planning and development. Senator Deborah Reynolds (D-Plymouth) joined Governor John Lynch, business and community […]

Senate Sends Education Accountability Bill to Governor

CONCORD – The final piece of a three-year legislative effort to define, determine the cost and ensure accountability for delivering an adequate education heads to the governor’s desk after the Senate agreed today to some minor changes by the House. Senate Bill 180 spells out how the state will ensure schools are delivering the opportunity […]

Senate Votes to Block Mass. Sales Tax Collection in NH

CONCORD – The Senate voted unanimously today in support of a bill to protect New Hampshire retailers from having to collect sales tax on behalf of another state. Senate Bill 5 was a direct response to a Massachusetts proposal to collect taxes on purchases made in New Hampshire by Massachusetts residents. “This bill clarifies New […]

Senate Supports Bill to Help Unemployed

CONCORD – The Senate voted today in favor of three bills to help the unemployed. Senate Bill 170 would allow people who are laid off to collect unemployment benefits under some circumstances if they are trying to set up their own businesses. This is a practice that’s been successful in other states. “New Hampshire’s entrepreneurial […]

Senate Committee Hears Testimony on Bills to Help Unemployed

CONCORD – Two bills designed to shore up the safety net for the unemployed won approval today from the Senate Commerce, Labor and Consumer Protection Committee. Senate Bill 144 would allow certain people who are forced to leave work because of a medical issue or physical disability to collect unemployment benefits — but it would […]

A look into N.H. budget

The budget delivered to him by the Legislature is more transparent than prior budgets and represents our state’s values and priorities by funding our needs without creating new revenue sources