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Sen. Lou D’Allesandro: Solutions, Not Political Shenanigans

A change in legislative leadership in Concord has brought with it a number of policy proposals ranging from the strange to the exceptionally harmful. One measure in particular – passed by the House last week – threatens the very fabric of our democratic process and serves as a direct affront to New Hampshire’s independent tradition. […]

Sen. Sylvia Larsen: Time to Focus on Jobs, Not Social Issues

What’s happened to this new State House leadership’s plan to focus on jobs and the economy? Instead of headlines featuring the Legislature discussing new ways to create jobs and fiscal discipline, these past five weeks have shown these leaders wasting time. Some of the hottest debates are over whether to repeal public kindergarten; eliminate language, […]

Sen. Molly Kelly: Strengthening NH’s Economy by Protecting Education

Education is the foundation of a strong economy. Over the past few years, legislation has been passed that improves New Hampshire’s educational system and prepares our students to compete in the 21st century. As part of our bipartisan reforms, we identified curriculum standards for an adequate education for all New Hampshire students. But as we […]

Gov. Lynch, Franklin City Officials Announce Major Job Creation Project

New $1 Billion PSNH/Hydro-Quebec Project Will Bring Renewable Hydro Power to NH, Create up to 1,200 Construction Jobs in New Hampshire New Converter Station in Franklin Will Generate Jobs, Expand City’s Tax Base FRANKLIN – Gov. John Lynch tonight joined officials from Public Service Company of New Hampshire and the city of Franklin to announce […]

Republican Liberty Caucus of NH Accused of Violating State Law

Republican Liberty Caucus of NH Accused of Violating State Law Does former Chairman Jim Forsythe condone unethical behavior? Concord – An article published today in the Nashua Telegraph reported that the Republican Liberty Caucus of NH PAC, formerly chaired by District 4 state Senate candidate Jim Forsythe, may have violated New Hampshire law by failing […]

State Senate Republicans Trying to Distract Voters

GOP candidates attempt to deflect attention from real issues Concord – In an article published today in the Union Leader, Ryan Williams, spokesman for the NH Republican Party, made false charges about polls carried out over the past few weeks sponsored by the New Hampshire Democratic Party.  The polls, both legal and customary, are just […]

Statement from NHDP Chair Ray Buckley Regarding the New Hampshire State Senate Primary Election Results

Concord – New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement regarding the New Hampshire state Senate primary election results. “This evening, the people of New Hampshire have witnessed the end to a NH state Senate primary election that brought out the best in the Democrats, and the worst in Republicans. While our […]

Jeanie Forrester Not Fit To Be State Senator

District 2 Republican state Senate candidate lacks substance, leadership Concord – After a bitter primary battle against Fran Wendelboe, extreme right-wing candidate Jeanie Forrester has become the GOP contender for the District 2 state Senate race.  Throughout the primary season, Forrester has shown her ability to bicker with her opponent, and little else. “Forrester had […]

Jim Forsythe Brings Tea Party Extremism to State Senate Race

District 4 GOP candidate not in line with New Hampshire values Concord – Last night, the extreme right-wing candidate Jim Forsythe obtained the GOP nomination for state Senate in District 4.  Forsythe is a Ron Paul fanatic who has repeatedly shown signs that he is more concerned with the national Tea Party agenda than with […]

Jim Luther Inexperienced and Out of Touch

District 12 Republican state Senate candidate not ready to lead Concord – Last night, GOP fringe candidate Jim Luther became the Republican contender for state Senate in District 12.  The far right-wing Tea Partier has no plans of his own, and prefers to blindly follow GOP gubernatorial candidate John Stephen. “So much for a candidate […]