RELEASE: Senate Democrats Statement against Republican Bill to Suppress Voters in NH

CONCORD – Senate Democrats released the following statement after the Senate voted along party lines to concur with the House to pass Senate Bill 3, legislation that creates the potential for widespread voter suppression in New Hampshire:

“It’s a sad day when New Hampshire, a state with an outstanding reputation for election integrity and citizen participation in our democracy, passes legislation that assumes the worst about our voters and stands to turn eligible voters away from the polls,” said Senate Democratic Leader Jeff Woodburn (D-Whitefield). “There is no evidence whatsoever to indicate that New Hampshire has a widespread voter fraud issue. With final passage today, Republicans put our state on the path of states like Wisconsin, North Carolina and Florida where Republicans have barred thousands of people from exercising their right to vote. Let’s call this what it is: voter intimidation. There are a lot of reasonable steps we can take to further strengthen our election system. Creating an infrastructure to chase down voters under the mere suspicion of fraud is not one of them.”