RELEASE: State Left in Limbo as Senate Fails to Address Questions Surrounding Postponed Elections

CONCORD – Today, the Senate passed an amended version of Senate Bill 248, legislation to address the issue of rescheduled elections and town meetings due to the March 14th snowstorm. The bill, originally intended to honor the election results and postponements in all municipalities that delayed their proceedings due to the major snowstorm in mid-March, was amended by Republican members to create a study committee to consider the issue, providing no immediate resolution for towns that are in legal limbo as a result of their decisions. Democratic Leader Jeff Woodburn (D-Whitefield) and prime sponsor of SB 248 offered the following comments on the outcome of the vote:

“While I appreciate that this legislation will attempt to clarify protocol for future, the outcome of this legislation is completely insufficient to address the matter at hand. There are many dozens of communities that have no guidance or support surrounding the legal status of their elections and are being punished because they made the choice to prioritize the safety of their people in lieu of clear direction from the Governor. Our duty as legislators is to help our people navigate these tough situations, not punish them for making the best decision they could in dangerous circumstances. Today’s vote does nothing to support our local election officials or voters. We’re just kicking this can further down the road with no end or resolution in sight.”