RELEASE: Senator Bette Lasky Introduces Legislation to Launch Electronic Poll Book Pilot Program

CONCORD- Today, Senator Bette Lasky introduced SB 113 to establish an electronic poll book pilot program in New Hampshire. Senator Lasky offered the following comments on the bill:

“New Hampshire prides itself on its tradition of strong citizen participation in elections. But we also know that high voter turnout can create long lines at the polls. We must do everything we can to ensure that voting is accessible and efficient for everyone,” said Sen. Lasky.

“This pilot program gives communities the opportunity to test electronic poll books in upcoming elections in the hope that this resource will help election workers process voters more quickly to ensure that busy Granite Staters have every opportunity to participate. The increased efficiency provided by this technology also helps free up election workers to move more quickly through their post-election responsibilities.”

Several states have successfully adopted the electronic poll book system. Proponents of the program cite the tool’s ability to help election workers access a statewide voter database to quickly look up and identify eligible voters, redirect individuals who are in the wrong polling location to the correct polling site, scan a driver’s license and sign in electronically, and reduce wait times at high traffic polling locations. Access to increased information also helps prevent against voter fraud.

“This technology offers practical solutions to some of the most common procedural challenges we face in the facilitation of our elections. I encourage my colleagues to seriously consider the merits of this program.”