Senator Andrew Hosmer Statement on Northern Pass Proposal

Concord – Senator Andrew Hosmer (D-Laconia) issued the following statement in response to the proposal announced byNorthern Pass earlier today:

“Today’s announcement by Northern Pass is a great step forward and I am pleased to offer my support for the project,” said Senator Hosmer. “In addition to the tremendous energy benefits this project provides to our state’s economy, this project will provide a transformational opportunity for the city of Franklin, create hundreds of jobs in our region, and provide a great boost to our local economy.”

“I have long supported the opportunity this project brings toFranklin, but I have been concerned that other communities’ needs also be considered. Today’s announcement shows that the company has listened and I am pleased that many of the concerns have been addressed. I encourage Eversource and abutting landowners to continue to discuss opportunities to reduce the impact of the project and I look forward to a thorough evaluation of the project at the NH Site Evaluation Committee.”