Senate Democratic Leader Comments on Passage of Republican Budget and Continuing Resolution

Concord, N.H. – Senate Democratic Leader Jeff Woodburn offered the following comments after the final passage of the Republican budget and passage of a continuing resolution to keep state government open while a final budget compromise is negotiated.

“The irresponsible Republican budget is unbalanced, gives unpaid-for tax giveaways to big, out-of-state corporations, and blows a $90 million hole in the budget at the expense of critical economic priorities like education, health care, transportation, and public safety. And while my Democratic colleagues and I would have preferred a continuing resolution that built on our areas of agreement and offered a productive step toward compromise, we are glad Republicans worked with us to ensure that state government remains open.”

Senate Democrats offered an amendment to the continuing resolution that would have authorized state agencies to spend 96 percent of the first six months of the Fiscal Year 2016 budget. The floor amendment would have addressed concerns that the Republican budget is unbalanced and allowed for funding increases to home care providers, for substance abuse, mental health and charter schools, travel and tourism promotion and public schools. The amendment was defeated along a party line vote.

“We’re proud to stand with Governor Hassan as she continues to fight for the long-term economic interests of our state, and the priorities that will move New Hampshire’s people, businesses, and economy forward, including affordable college tuition, safe roads and bridges, access to quality and affordable health coverage, and protecting our communities.”

“We must return to work immediately, and I urge my Senate colleagues to work together with Governor Hassan and members of both parties to pass a responsible, balanced budget that actually funds what it claims to.”

“Finding consensus requires both sides to be willing to compromise and I hope that we can all agree that we need to find a solution that supports our families and small businesses, keeps our economy moving in the right direction, and expands opportunity for all.