Sen. D’Allesandro Blasts Fiscally Irresponsible Republican Budget

Concord, N.H. – Ranking Democratic Finance Committee member Senator Lou D’Allesandro released the following statement blasting the Republicans’ fiscally irresponsible and unbalanced budget:

“The unbalanced Committee of Conference budget is hardly a budget at all, with gimmicks, double counting, and tax giveaways for out-of-state corporations that aren’t paid for and will blow a $90 million hole in the budget while making hard-working New Hampshire people pay the price.”

“This Republican plan prioritizes big corporations over critical economic priorities and New Hampshire citizens and families resulting in making college more expensive, undermining treatment for mental health and substance abuse, and making it impossible to keep our roads safe and maintained. Not to mention the Republican plan threatens health coverage for 40,000 Granite Staters and fails to live up to a fair contract that was negotiated with our state employees.”

“In my many years of service in the legislature, I’ve never seen a group of Republicans so unwilling to try to find compromise and common ground. Senate Democrats are proud and grateful for Governor Hassan’s commitment to fighting for a responsible budget that supports our families, businesses, and economy. It’s time for the Republicans to put partisanship aside and finally start negotiating in good faith.”