Senator Donna Soucy Applauds Bipartisan Defeat of Repeal NH’s Buffer Zone Law

CONCORD – Senator Donna Soucy of Manchester released the following statement after the Senate voted to table House Bill 403, which would have repealed the bipartisan law enacted last year to ensure safe access to reproductive health care facilities:

“I am pleased to see the bipartisan defeat of this unnecessary legislation,” said Senator Soucy. “Our narrowly-tailored law gives protections to patients trying to access reproductive health care facilities, to the health care professionals who should be able to get to work without harassment or intimidation, and to those wishing to exercise their 1st amendment rights to express their opinions.”

After failing to pass on a 12-12 tie vote, the Senate voted to table the proposal which kills the bill for the year. It would require 13 votes to take the bill off the table.

“Repealing this carefully balanced law would not only remove these much needed protections, but would further subject women that are trying access their local reproductive health care facility to unacceptable intimidation and threats,” continued Sen. Soucy. “I want to thank my Republican Senate colleagues for standing up and joining Senate Democrats to defeat this legislation.”