Senator Andrew Hosmer Praises Unanimous Passage of Bill to Protect Workers

Concord – Senator Andrew Hosmer (D-Laconia) today praised the passage of HB 411 by a bipartisan 24-0 vote.  HB 411 prohibits employers from paying disabled employees an hourly rate less than the federal minimum wage.

“Disabled workers deserve the same dignity, fairness, and employment opportunities as everyone else.  I am proud that all Senators voted in favor of that belief today,” said Senator Hosmer.

HB 411 is similar to SB 47, which was also passed on a bipartisan Senate vote in March and was passed by the House earlier this month. SB 47 was the result of a study committee on subminimum wages to person with disabilities established last year.

“I am pleased that Senate Republicans joined Senate Democrats in supporting this bill.  Despite their previous votes against raising the minimum wage to help our workers and economy grow, I am glad they joined us today in standing up for wage equality,” added Senator Hosmer.

After passage, HB 411 was tabled in favor of SB 47, which is headed to the Governor for signature.