Sen. David Pierce Introduces Legislation to Eliminate Requirement that Moderators Photograph Voters

CONCORD – Senator David Pierce of Lebanon introduced SB 207, which eliminates the requirement that moderators photograph voters without identification. Following the Senate Public & Municipal Affairs Committee public hearing on SB 207, Sen. Pierce released the following statement:

“This is a common sense bipartisan bill that will protect voters’ privacy while leaving the rest of the current photo identification law intact,” said Sen. Pierce. “Every election official I have spoken with has said requiring moderators to take photographs of voters without identification would add significant additional cost to the state and our local communities, add undue burden to our local election officials, and doesn’t do a thing to prevent voter fraud.”

The passage of SB207 would eliminate the camera provision of the voter ID law, which was delayed in 2013, and is currently set to go into effect right before the New Hampshire Presidential Primary.  The current law requiring voters to show photo identification to vote, or to sign an affidavit, will remain in effect.