Manchester Senators and House Delegation Chair Applaud Governor Hassan Launching Review of Mental Health Services in Manchester

MANCHESTER – Manchester Senators Lou D’Allesandro and Donna Soucy joined by Manchester House Delegation Chair Patrick Long released the following statement on the recent news of Governor Hassan launching a review of mental health services in Manchester:
“We applaud Governor Maggie Hassan for her strong and steady leadership for naming a Sentinel Event Review team led by former Supreme Court Justice Joseph Nadeau to address concerns raised by recent incidents in Manchester involving patients with acute mental illness, as well as the ongoing strains caused by mental health patients awaiting care in emergency rooms.”
“We share the Governor’s concern for the care and treatment of our fellow citizens suffering from acute mental illness.  The safety of the public and the health and well being of individual citizens depend upon the review team’s responses to the Governor’s well thought out questions.”
We looking forward to hearing from the Sentinel Even Review team on what more New Hampshire can do to alleviate the wait for beds or the crisis in our emergency rooms.”

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