Senator Peggy Gilmour Statement on Approval of Medicaid Commission Plan

CONCORD – Senator Peggy Gilmour of Hollis released the following statement after the approval of the Medicaid Commission Plan.

“Over the past three months, our commission has worked hard. We met 16 times, heard more than 50 hours of testimony and had discussions with more than a dozen experts both from New Hampshire and around the country. There was a session for the public to weigh in, with more than sixty speakers. We considered thousands of pages of documents.   This was an extremely fair and open process, and I want to thank my fellow commissioners for working together, being open-minded, and helping to put together such a strong plan.”

“The Commission plan that we approved today is a unique, New Hampshire approach.  And it is a true bipartisan compromise.  We have included top Republican priorities, like emphasizing private market solutions and protecting our state financially against any future drop in federal support. And we have included Democratic priorities, like making sure that we can begin on January 1 to maximize the economic, fiscal, and job-creating benefits of Medicaid expansion.”

“What we know is that expanded Medicaid would bring in $2.4 billion in federal dollars, $340 million next year alone. It grows the economy by almost $400 million. It creates 700 new jobs.  It will save our state’s budget $45 million over the next 7 years. And it will save consumers $100 million in what they pay for health care.  On top of all that, it provides coverage to almost 60,000 hard working, tax-paying citizens, most of whom have no coverage now.  This will improve health and lower costs in the system.”

“I am proud to have supported this bipartisan plan, and I hope that the legislature will approve it quickly so we can gain all of the benefits of this federal funding as soon as possible.”