Senators Gilmour & Lasky Statement on Senate Republicans’ Proposed Budget Cuts

CONCORD – Senators Peggy Gilmour and Bette Lasky released the following statement today on the proposed cuts by Senate Republicans to the Department of Health and Human Services.

“Today’s announcement that Senate budget writers are proposing $28 million in cuts to vital health services will have disastrous implications for our state.” 

“Governor Hassan has proposed a fiscally responsible, balanced budget that restores funding to essential services that were cut by the O’Brien-led House in the last budget cycle.  Unfortunately, her efforts to restore funding to critical state priorities such as the university system and to infrastructure investments won’t happen without the passage of SB152 and the licensure of one high-end, highly regulated casino.”

“We are dismayed at the additional proposed budget cuts that will directly impact our mental health system that is already in crisis, the developmentally disabled, and CHINS.”

“We urge our House colleagues to pass SB152 as the only responsible option to raise desperately needed revenue, restore the O’Brien cuts, and create jobs.” 


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