Senator Soucy Comments on the Senate’s Vote to Continue to Cede Control to the Federal Gov’t

CONCORD – Senator Donna Soucy of Manchester released the following comments on the Senate’s 13-11 vote to continue to cede control to the Federal Government when it comes to determining New Hampshire’s state minimum wage.

“This bill seeks to restore local control in New Hampshire and allows our Legislature to determine for itself what minimum wage best creates and maintains a strong work force and a healthy economy. It does not raise the minimum wage above its current level. New Hampshire has had a minimum wage law since 1949 and it’s foolish to cede our state authority to the federal government – that is not the New Hampshire way!”

Currently, New Hampshire is one of only a handful of states that completely defers to the federal government and does not independently establish their own minimum wage laws. The minimum wage law ensures that our citizens receive at least a minimum level of compensation for their hard work.  It also helps ensure a level playing field for business owners – the overwhelming majority of whom want to give their employees a decent day’s wage for a days of hard work.

“Two years ago, the previous Legislature repealed New Hampshire’s state minimum wage law when the super-majority Republican Legislature overrode Governor Lynch’s veto of a bill that effectively ceded state control and authority to the federal government. I do not support turning over complete authority to the federal government to determine what makes sense for our citizens or our businesses.”

Senator Donna Soucy represents Wards 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 in the City of Manchester and the wonderful town of Litchfield.