Senate Democrats Condemn Republican Vote to Suppress Voter’s Rights

CONCORD – Senate Democrats issued the following statements condemning the Republican-led Senate as they continue to suppress voters’ rights. 

“There is no legitimate reason to restrict the number of IDs allowed, especially if the whole point of the Voter ID law is to show a photo ID to prove you are who you say you are,” said Senator Lasky. “Restricting the number of acceptable IDs will only result in making exercising the right to vote more difficult than necessary.” 

In a letter to lawmakers, the leaders of the New Hampshire College Republicans and New Hampshire Young Democrats echoed a recent Union Leader Editorial which urged the Republican-led Senate to allow student IDs as an acceptable form of photo identification. 

“It’s shameful that Republicans voted against adding a valid student ID back to the list of acceptable photo identification in future elections. In the last election, students who did not have a driver’s license were able to use their valid student ID to prove they were who they said they were”, said Senator Pierce. “Unfortunately, Senate Republicans seem focused on making it more difficult for citizens to vote in New Hampshire. Why else would they have voted down not only permitting student IDs, but also protecting against baseless challenges to a person’s right to vote and outlawing posting false information at the polls?” 

“The Republican-led Senate had the chance today to make sure that no qualified Granite State voter is ever forced by the government to take a photograph before they can exercise their constitutional right to vote,” said Senator Soucy. “Instead, they voted to purchase government cameras and keep the idea of taking a photograph at the polls, something that nearly every election official I’ve talked with, said would add significant additional costs to the state and our local communities.”
House Bill 595, as amended by the Senate, shortens the list of acceptable photo IDs and delays the Phase II camera provision until just prior to the 2016 New Hampshire Presidential Primary.

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