Senator Kelly Praises the Passage of the Pro-Business, Pro-Taxpayer SB 98

CONCORD – Senator Molly Kelly released the following comments regarding the Senate unanimous passage of SB 98, which allows group net metering for businesses and municipalities in order to lower their energy cost.

“This legislation was brought to my attention by businesses, developers, and municipalities who wanted to lower their energy cost. Group Net Metering will allow our businesses, developers and municipalities to produce their own energy and reduce their cost with the added bonus of producing renewable energy.” 

For example, a business who owns maybe 3 buildings, would be able to install solar panels on the one building that has a flat roof producing energy for that building as well as for their other two buildings that are not equipped for installing solar panels.

“Not only will we be able to support businesses in lowering their energy cost, this legislation will encourage businesses to stay in NH, new businesses to move to NH resulting in jobs and economic growth. Economic developers will have a positive and financially feasible story to tell potential businesses. And by providing municipalities to lower their energy cost this legislation will result in lowering taxes for the people who reside in their towns.”

Senate Democrats continue their focus on job creation through economic opportunity, innovation, and growth. Senate Bill 98 was cited as a legislative priority for Senate Democrats when they outlined in their jobs agenda back in January.

“This legislation is a beginning for NH, supporting our local businesses and encouraging their impact on renewable energy in their local communities. It is good for the economy, good for employers and employees, and it is good for our taxpayers.”