Senate Democratic Leader Larsen and House Speaker Norelli Urge Action to Ensure State Control of Health Care Exchange

A Partnership Exchange is the only option that allows NH to maintain control of health coverage offered to our citizens and businesses in the state.

CONCORD – Senate Democratic Leader Sylvia Larsen and House Speaker Terie Norelli urge action that would enter us into a partnership exchange which ensures New Hampshire maintain the most control possible while best serving individuals, families, and businesses.

“Leaving control of New Hampshire’s exchange solely in the hands of the Federal Government is not in the best interest of our citizens and businesses and should not be considered as a viable option as we move forward,” said Senator Larsen.

The Departments of Insurance and Health and Human Services have made it clear that a partnership exchange will enable New Hampshire to maintain the most control possible at the state level and secure the resources needed to retain our traditional regulatory authority. Without pursuing a partnership for our exchange, New Hampshire is ceding regulatory control over New Hampshire businesses to the Federal Government. Moving forward with a partnership exchange is good for the health of New Hampshire’s people and just plain common sense,” said Speaker Norelli.


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