2013 Democratic Senate Agenda

As Senate Democrats, we are focused on job creation and economic growth through creating economic opportunity, supporting business growth and innovation, and passing a fiscally responsible balanced budget that meets the needs of the citizens and businesses of our state. Our priority is to work in cooperation with our Governor and our Senate Republican colleagues to advance these goals.

Spur Economic Growth through Investment in Innovation

Senate Democrats will work to implement Governor Hassan’s “Innovate NH” jobs plan, which focuses on building the best workforce in the country, providing tax credits to businesses, and giving businesses technical assistance to help them create jobs. One of our first steps will be to work quickly with our Republican colleagues to pass a bipartisan bill to double the Research and Development Tax Credit and make it permanent.

Give Our Workers the Skills and Opportunities They Need

We must provide our children with the knowledge and skills they need, especially in the fields of science, technology, math and engineering, to fill 21st century jobs — businesses have identified improving job readiness skills as one of their top priorities. We agree with Governor Hassan that we should embrace New Hampshire’s public colleges and universities’ ambitious goal of doubling the number of STEM students that graduate by 2025 and make achieving it a state priority — and we will focus on this goal as we work to restore funding to the public colleges and universities. We should also give unemployed workers better opportunities to pursue entrepreneurship by allowing them to use unemployment benefits for which they would otherwise be eligible to start a small business.

Support Businesses with a Predictable and Streamlined Environment

Businesses need to be able to predict their tax and regulatory environment to be able to securely invest for the future. We should support them by making their interactions with government faster and easier, and also by supporting our local businesses. That is why, for example, our entire Caucus is supporting enhancements to the Auto Dealers’ Bill of Rights, to make sure that local businesses and job creators are being treated fairly, and why an update to the Corporation Act will receive bipartisan support.

Expand Commerce, Exports, and Business Opportunities with Investment in Infrastructure

We must support greater commerce and export opportunities by expanding investment in road, rail, and broadband infrastructure. This is a critical ingredient in economic growth and in supporting the businesses of our state as they look to expand into new markets. We will make investment in these areas a priority.

Pass a Fiscally Responsible, Balanced Budget with Stable, Low Taxes and Targeted Investments

We will focus on passing a balanced budget that targets investment in the areas that grow our economy long term, that support our middle class, and that allow businesses to flourish.