Statement from NHDP Chair Ray Buckley Regarding the New Hampshire State Senate Primary Election Results

Concord – New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement regarding the New Hampshire state Senate primary election results.

“This evening, the people of New Hampshire have witnessed the end to a NH state Senate primary election that brought out the best in the Democrats, and the worst in Republicans. While our Democratic state Senators and candidates were unified and on the ground reaching out to voters, the Republican state Senate candidates were divided and distracted by constant bickering.

The best interests of New Hampshire voters were lost among the primary battles waged between Republicans, who consistently tried to portray themselves as more right-wing and more extreme than their opponent. Amidst all the in-fighting, the Republican state Senate candidates lost sight of the commonsense, cooperative approach to politics that we take here in New Hampshire.

Our Democratic state Senators and candidates have maintained a unified front that will forge ahead toward November and uphold the Democratic Majority in the Senate that helped to keep New Hampshire’s unemployment rate 40% below the national average, and worked to make our state a regional leader in the economic recovery effort.

New Hampshire needs strong and steadfast leadership to tackle the challenges ahead, and only the Democrats have shown the unity and dedication necessary to get the job done.”