Ray White More Concerned With Radical Beliefs Than With the Economy

District 9 Republican state Senate candidate a right-wing extremist

Concord – Extreme right-wing candidate Ray White beat GOP establishment candidate Dave Danielson for the Republican candidacy in the District 9 state Senate race.   While New Hampshire is trying to pull itself through this recession, Ray White and his ultra- conservative agenda is more concerned with fringe social issues.

“Ray White has no new ideas as to how to move New Hampshire forward, but he sure has some dangerous ideas as to how to move us backward,” said Emily Cashman, Senate Caucus Communications Director with the New Hampshire Democratic Party.  “It’s clear that his ultimate motive is less about jobs, and more about his personal beliefs.”

Ray White is the founder of New Hampshire Family Watch, an ultra-conservative political publication, and once claimed that the New Hampshire Girl Scouts have a “militant feminist” agenda.  In the same article, he labeled then First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton a “radical feminist” and demonized the women’s rights movement (N.H. Girl Scouts Squelch Leader for Blowing Whistle On Radical Fem Agenda, June 1996).

“Ray White is running for state Senate for the wrong reasons,” added Cashman.  “He is putting his radical beliefs ahead of the real challenges facing New Hampshire. His constituents are worried about their jobs and the economy, yet White insists upon keeping fringe social issues at the forefront.  District 9 voters know what their priorities are, but Ray White doesn’t have a clue.”