Jim Luther More Concerned About China than New Hampshire

District 12 state Senate candidate out of touch with voters

Concord – In an Aug. 31st interview with WSMN 1590 AM and in a stump speech posted on his Facebook page, District 12 GOP state Senate candidate Jim Luther showcases just how out of touch he is with the situation on the ground in New Hampshire, stating concerns that China “is going to eat us alive” and that in 10 years “we are going to be a third world country.”

“Talk about out of touch,” said Emily Cashman, Senate Caucus Communications Director with the New Hampshire Democratic Party.  “From making partisan attacks to harping on false right-wing statistics, Jim Luther has shown to constituents just how misguided his priorities are.  District 12 voters want to hear about jobs, not about illegitimate Glenn Beck-inspired conspiracy theories.”

Jim Luther’s campaign talking points notably lack any reference to the fact that New Hampshire is currently leading the recovery effort in New England, and has the 2nd fastest growing job market in the country (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics). And for all his ranting about taxes and spending, he also conveniently failed to mention that New Hampshire collects the 2nd lowest amount in taxes per capita and has the 5th lowest per-capita spending of any state in the country (, In addition, reports today show that New Hampshire state revenues are up and doing better than expected (Union Leader, 9/3/2010).

“Jim Luther hasn’t even gotten through his primary battle yet, and is already spewing fear-mongering lies and negative attacks,” continued Cashman. “He should be less worried about the Chinese, and more worried about the people of New Hampshire, who may just count him and his ranting out on September 14th.”


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