Jim Luther Inexperienced and Out of Touch

District 12 Republican state Senate candidate not ready to lead

Concord – Last night, GOP fringe candidate Jim Luther became the Republican contender for state Senate in District 12.  The far right-wing Tea Partier has no plans of his own, and prefers to blindly follow GOP gubernatorial candidate John Stephen.

“So much for a candidate with new ideas,” said Emily Cashman, Senate Caucus Communications Director with the New Hampshire Democratic Party.  “Jim Luther has not shown any leadership when it comes to moving New Hampshire forward.  District 12 voters are looking for an independent voice in Concord, not a puppet for someone else’s agenda.”

Jim Luther has stated on multiple occasions that he is a follower of John Stephen’s reckless economic plan that would result in an unprecedented increase in property taxes and cut health care for women, children and seniors.  And when he should be talking about jobs, Jim Luther prefers to talk about China and extreme right-wing conspiracy theories.

“Jim Luther has yet to show District 12 voters that he is anything more than a talking head for a far right-wing agenda,” continued Cashman.  “New Hampshire expects its leaders to do what’s right for the people, not for a particular political party. Jim Luther doesn’t seem to be able to cut the cord, and will face the consequences in November.”