Jim Forsythe Brings Tea Party Extremism to State Senate Race

District 4 GOP candidate not in line with New Hampshire values

Concord – Last night, the extreme right-wing candidate Jim Forsythe obtained the GOP nomination for state Senate in District 4.  Forsythe is a Ron Paul fanatic who has repeatedly shown signs that he is more concerned with the national Tea Party agenda than with the concerns of New Hampshire voters.

“Jim Forsythe just doesn’t understand New Hampshire politics, and he certainly doesn’t represent Granite State values,” said Emily Cashman, Senate Caucus Communications Director with the New Hampshire Democratic Party.  “Voters in District 4 are looking for leaders that listen to their concerns and solve problems at the local level.  Jim Forsythe has kept the national Tea Party agenda at the forefront of his campaign, and can’t tell the difference between NH and the rest of the country.”

Jim Forsythe brazenly wrote an article claiming that New Hampshire is just like Washington, D.C., failing to comprehend that New Hampshire is a leader in the recovery effort and has many unique qualities that separate it from the rest of the country.

“New Hampshire is not Washington, D.C., and we do not need the national, extremist Tea Party movement interfering in our state politics,” added Cashman.  “Instead of offering new ideas for New Hampshire, Jim Forsythe is lying about the budget and ranting about non-issue bills.  He is an outsider who cares more about promoting his national political philosophy than directly addressing the concerns of District 4 voters.”