Jeanie Forrester Not Fit To Be State Senator

District 2 Republican state Senate candidate lacks substance, leadership

Concord – After a bitter primary battle against Fran Wendelboe, extreme right-wing candidate Jeanie Forrester has become the GOP contender for the District 2 state Senate race.  Throughout the primary season, Forrester has shown her ability to bicker with her opponent, and little else.

“Forrester had a choice as to how to run her campaign,” said Emily Cashman, Senate Caucus Communications Director with the New Hampshire Democratic Party. “Instead of focusing on the real challenges that face District 2, she tried to distract voters and go on the attack.  New Hampshire expects leadership and substance from their state Senators, not the petty attacks that have come to characterize Forrester and her campaign.”

Forrester has not set forth one new idea that she plans to bring with her to Concord, and prefers to take her cues from untrustworthy and extreme right-wing colleagues.  Forrester blindly followed fellow GOP state Senate candidate Andy Sanborn and his rant against House Bill 1168, which has been universally proclaimed as false.   She also has spent almost all of her campaign’s money already, calling into question her claim to be a fiscal conservative (Jeanie Forrester Statement of Receipts and Expenditures, Sept. 8, 2010).  Voters are also questioning Forrester’s ability speak beyond her talking points, as she had repeatedly refused to debate her primary opponent in public.

“Jeanie Forrester has shown anything but leadership throughout her primary campaign,” continued Cashman. “She can’t seem to balance her own campaign budget, and can’t be trusted to make informed and independent decisions in Concord.  District 2 voters need a state Senator with the strength and integrity to lead them out of this recession, and Jeanie Forrester just doesn’t make the cut.”