Where are the Sanborns?

Senate and House candidates dodging questions about residency, stances on key issues

Concord – After speculation has arisen over the Henniker residence of District 7 state Senate candidate Andy Sanborn and his wife, Merrimack District 5 House candidate Laurie Sanborn, voters are left to wonder where the fringe GOP couple actually lives.

An August 29th article in the Concord Monitor revealed that although the Sanborns have repeatedly claimed to live in Henniker, they have been renting out their only residence there from at least as far back as 2008 until this past summer.  In fact, Laurie Sanborn filed papers to evict the tenants from their Henniker residence in July – one month after Laurie filed for candidacy to represent Henniker and Bradford.  Records show that the address is still registered to the tenants’ small business (

“Where are the Sanborns?” asked Emily Cashman, Senate Caucus Communications Director with the New Hampshire Democratic Party.  “The whole situation reeks of underhanded calculation and manipulation of the system.  District 7 voters want open and honest politicians who understand their communities. The Sanborns can’t even say they live in town.”

Instead of confirming that they do indeed live in Henniker, Andy Sanborn dodged the question and cunningly claimed that he and his wife “owned this home for almost 20 years, have always voted in Henniker and it is [their] Domicile.”

In addition to wondering where the Sanborns actually live, voters are also left scratching their heads when it comes to the couple’s stances on key issues. Back in October of 2008, failed state Senate candidate Andy Sanborn was actually quoted as saying that he’s “not specific on specifics” when asked about how he would improve the business climate in New Hampshire.  With his long track record of suspect business practices, it’s no wonder Sanborn didn’t want to get into detail.

“There are too many questions and not enough answers when it comes to the Sanborns,” continued Cashman. “With all these loopholes and half-truths permeating their campaigns, how do they sleep at night? Or more importantly, where?”