NH Senate Democrats Pave the Way for Victory in November

Republicans pull dismal filing figures in key races

Concord – New Hampshire state Senators and candidates made an impressive financial showing today, exponentially outraising their Republican opponents and proving that New Hampshire has confidence in the Democratic legislative majority and wants to see it grow.  As of this afternoon, Democrats running for state Senate have reported more than twice the cash on hand as the Republicans.

“The numbers are staggering,” said Ryan Mahoney, Senate Caucus Director with the New Hampshire Democratic Party.  “This outpouring of support for Democratic state Senators and candidates shows that the people of New Hampshire want the Democrats to continue in their efforts to put people back to work and to lead our great state through the economic recovery.”

The Republicans, on the other hand, failed to report such impressive figures.  A few races in particular haven’t lived up to the hype. GOP handpicked candidate Rep. Nancy Stiles reported a dismal $7085 in District 24.  Failed former senator Tom Eaton from District 10 is heading into his third straight loss, with only $1031 cash on hand.  Most surprising is John H. Sununu’s handpicked candidate for District 2, Jeanie Forrester, who has a grand total of $630 in the bank.

“This is what happens when you run on failed issues and tired rhetoric,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley. “In a crisis situation, there are those who sit back and whine, and there are those who stand up and solve problems. The Republicans have done nothing more than complain throughout this recession, and the New Hampshire people took note.”

The New Hampshire Democratic leadership has kept New Hampshire’s unemployment rate 40% lower than the national average, and helped to make New Hampshire’s job market the 2nd fastest growing in the nation.

“Our Democratic majority has made remarkable progress, but there is a lot more work to be done,” continued Buckley. “The people of New Hampshire have shown today that they will support their Democratic state Senators and candidates in November – especially if the Republicans’ campaign budgeting is any indication of their plans for state budgeting.”