Prescott Continues to Favor Big Insurance Over Struggling Families

Republican State Senate candidate pledges to reinstate Senate Bill 110

Concord – Last weekend, Russell Prescott once again demonstrated that he supports big insurance companies and abusive practices over New Hampshire families hit with an unexpected health crisis. According to a article published on Sunday, Prescott intends on running a campaign on “issues he is passionate about,” including the reimplementation SB110, a bill he “strongly supported” in 2003 that allowed insurance companies to discriminate against sick and older members of New Hampshire families.

By advocating for the reinstatement of SB110, a signature piece of legislation of the Craig Benson and John Stephen Administrations, Prescott is showing his willingness to return to the failed policies of the past that left thousands of struggling Granite Staters out in the cold.

“Russell Prescott should be ashamed of himself,” said Emily Cashman, Communications Director for the New Hampshire Senate Democratic Caucus. “Allowing big health insurance companies to discriminate against families hit with an unexpected health crisis is just plain reckless, and shows that Mr. Prescott does not represent the best interests and values of District 23 residents.”

SB110 passed through a Republican-controlled Legislature in 2003 with support from former Governor Craig Benson and former Health and Human Services Commissioner and current GOP Republican candidate for Governor John Stephen. After many across the state expressed outrage at its passage, the law was repealed with bipartisan support by Governor John Lynch.

“In these difficult times, the people of District 23 deserve leaders who are going to fight to make their lives better, not worse,” continued Cashman. “Unfortunately, Russell Prescott has already demonstrated that he cares more about special interests than hard-working, everyday citizens.”


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