Republican Senate Candidate Nancy Stiles Skips Votes on the Budget, Goes to the Beach Instead

Republican puts political gain over keeping state budget balanced and taxes low

Concord – Yesterday, handpicked Republican candidate for the District 24 State Senate seat, Rep. Nancy Stiles held a campaign announcement at 4 PM at Hampton Beach, missing numerous votes on the state budget.

“It’s outrageous,” said Harrell Kirstein, press secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party.  “Rep. Stiles skipped voting on the state budget so she could go the beach to announce her candidacy for state senate.  While the House and Senate were working hard to keep the budget balanced and move New Hampshire forward, Rep. Stiles was ignoring her responsibilities as an elected official and instead working hard to move her own political career forward.”

State revenue has fallen below the bipartisan projections expected when the budget was passed last year.  Members of New Hampshire’s House and Senate were hard at work yesterday, debating and voting on amendments to keep the state budget balanced, taxes low, and protect New Hampshire’s most vulnerable citizens.

“Putting her own political future ahead of the concerns of Seacoast residents is irresponsible,” added Kirstein.  “Republicans have been playing partisan games with the state budget for the last 12 months.  It’s disappointing they failed to propose any real solutions to the serious problems facing the Granite State.  And Rep. Stiles’s decision yesterday to abandon her legislative responsibilities to play politics at such a critical time is not a good sign for future improvement.”

Stiles left the State House before 3 PM, missing nearly a dozen roll call votes and numerous other votes.  According to the official House record, Stiles last vote was cast at 2:42 PM.  Ironically, at her campaign event Stiles discussed the budget and the votes she was skipping.

A video of Stiles announcement where she acknowledges missing the House session on the budget is here.


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