Senate Democrats’ Comments on Senate GOP Making it Harder to Vote

CONCORD — Senator Bette Lasky, Senator David Pierce and Senator Molly Kelly condemned the passage of Senate Bill 179, which imposes an unconstitutional burden on the right to vote. “This bill will only serve to further complicate the voting process for New Hampshire citizens. SB 179 proposes a new standard for what constitutes a domicile that is more confusing and less concise […]

Senator Martha Fuller Clark Lauds Passage of Legislation to Deal with the Issues Raised by Citizens United

CONCORD – Senator Martha Fuller Clark released the following comments praising the passage of SB 136, which forms a committee to examine the Citizens United decision by the US Supreme Court and related cases with regard to outside money impacting NH elections and how to address the issues raised: “Fair elections are the cornerstone of our democracy and the consequences of […]

David Watters

Senator David Watters Praises Passage of Legislation to Expand Access to Career and Technical Education

CONCORD – Senator David Watters released the following statement praising the unanimous passage of SB 190, which helps expand access to career and technical education for New Hampshire’s children:​ “The best way to expand opportunity for our children is to ensure they have access to a quality education,” said Senator Watters.​ “Senate Bill 190 increases our children’s access to career and […]