RELEASE: Senate Democratic Leader’s Statement on NH Superior Court Ruling on SB 3

CONCORD – Senate Democratic Leader Jeff Woodburn (D-Whitefield) released the following statement after a judge issued a rejection of harsh penalties mandated by Senate Bill 3, legislation that creates the potential for widespread voter suppression in New Hampshire: “Today’s ruling is a rebuke of the Republican effort to intimidate and disenfranchise New Hampshire voters and a win for voting rights. The […]

RELEASE: Senate Democratic Leader’s Statement on Voter Checklist Data

CONCORD – Senate Democrat Leader Jeff Woodburn (D-Whitefield) issued the following statement in response to House Speaker Jasper’s release of 2016 Voter Checklist data: “Using cherry-picked data in order to support a false claim is dangerous and irresponsible. Today’s release of information by Speaker Jasper’s office fans the flames of misinformation in order to further […]

RELEASE: Senate Democrats Welcome Senator Kevin Cavanaugh

CONCORD – Today, the New Hampshire Senate welcomed the newest member of the Democratic delegation when Senator Kevin Cavanaugh (D-Manchester) was sworn into office by Governor Sununu and the Executive Council. Senate Democratic Leader Jeff Woodburn (D-Whitefield) offered the following comments at the ceremony’s conclusion: “Senator Cavanaugh has dedicated his life to fighting for working […]