Senate Democratic Leader Congratulates Rep. Steve Shurtleff on His Re-election as House Democratic Leader

CONCORD – Senate Democratic Leader Jeff Woodburn released the following statement congratulating Rep. Steve Shurtleff for being re-elected as House Democratic Leader: “Rep. Shurtleff has been a great partner and friend and I congratulate him on his re-election as House Democratic Leader. House and Senate Democrats have had a great working relationship over the last […]

Senate Democrats Choose Woodburn as Democratic Leader

CONCORD – Today at their caucus meeting, Senate Democrats chose Sen. Jeff Woodburn (D-Whitefield) as Democratic Leader for a second term. After the meeting, Sen. Woodburn released the following statement: “I am deeply honored by the trust that my colleagues have placed in me to continue as the Democratic Leader in the Senate. Over the […]

Joe Duarte Doubles Down on Unreasonable Agenda

Some examples of tweets from the now-shut-down Joe Duarte account: — Pictured African warrior in a loin cloth: “MSM found someone who is not interested in the 2016 election but is certain his absentee ballot will be counted.” — Education Critique: “Public schools were designed to destroy the Christian foundations of America and teach salvation […]